The Tower District Marketing Committee has been working to promote and develop commerce, community and the cultural environment in the Tower District for over 22 years, and this year we opened the door to an exciting new chapter. In order to better serve the needs of our community, we now offer a Community Membership to those individuals who don't own a business, but still want to be apart of our community network, help brainstorm and plan Tower District events and projects, or get involved in community volunteerism. Just by joining as a member you will be helping to support this community organization and its mission to bring a little more culture, entertainment and unity to our neighborhood.

Community Membership benefits include:

  • First access to ticketed TDMC events and promotions
  • Discounted event ticket pricing
  • VIP opportunities
  • Input on planning and volunteer opportunities with Tower District events

Community Members can lead and serve on event committees and serve in an advisory capacity to the TDMC Businesses, but as associate members and are not entitled to an official vote.

Community Membership means you're invited to attend the monthly Tower District Marketing Committee meeting, where you can play a role in the development of the Tower District and make your voice heard. Community Memberships are open to Tower District residents, homeowners, workers, and supporters. Whether you live or work in Tower, or just love Tower, we'd love to have you!