VA Disability Claim Status: How long you’ll have to wait for your Claim to be approved?

As we know that sometimes it is difficult to to submit a VA Disability Claim as it takes more time then expected One of your first concerns after submitting your application for VA disability benefits is undoubtedly “When will I start receiving VA Disability benefits?” Unfortunately, there may be a lot of variation in the time it takes the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to decide whether or not a veteran is eligible.

The average time to finish a disability-related claim in April 2024 was 155.5 days, or over five months, according to the VA website. Sadly, many Veterans who try to file a claim without professional assistance may find that they have to wait for at least a year or more to hear back but when Veterans engage with Veteran Ratings and our network of consulting firms, their claims are generally determined and approved much faster after they file with the VA.

VA Disability Claim Status

Making a VA disability claim takes planning ahead of time as well as patience so you must check below How to track your VA disability claim. It can take more than a year for the VA to process certain claims, and more than ten years for them to be decided appropriately. The amount of time you may have to wait after filing for disability benefits with the VA before learning whether your claim is approved or denied., a new online tool from the VA, lets veterans follow their appeals in real time. Claimants can use their eBenefits DS login, My HealtheVet, or to access the website from your laptop or smartphone. Users who access their personal information on these websites benefit from an additional degree of protection offered by two-factor authentication.

Factors that can affect VA Disability Benefits Claim Time

The VA estimates that the processing time for a disability application is more than three months. Many instances, though, take far longer than that. The following variables may cause the decision-making process to take longer or shorter:

  • Type of claim filed. A variety of claim forms are submitted for disability benefits, and processing times vary for each form. For instance, you can get a speedier response if you submit your claim using the “fully developed claim” method. It could take longer to gather the necessary documentation and have it reviewed by the VA, though, if you have to appeal a benefit refusal or are reopening your claim.
  • Number of disabilities claimed. The length of the application procedure may vary depending on the quantity and complexity of the injuries or impairments you are claiming compensation for. The VA’s decision-making process will take longer if you have several complicated injuries.
  • Evidence. Even if you thought your claim was well-supported by evidence, the VA can reapply and want further paperwork. To help the VA determine your claim promptly and properly, be careful to respond to any correspondence or phone calls from the VA.

The field office where you file your claim may also have an impact on the time frame. The VA may take longer to make a decision if you reside close to an office that serves more Veterans than one that serves fewer Veterans. You may request that your claim be processed more quickly in certain circumstances. For instance, you can request that your application be expedited if you have a terminal illness, are 77 years of age or older, or are experiencing extreme financial difficulties, which could lead to homelessness.

VA Disability Claim Status: How long you'll have to wait for your Claim to be approved?

How to make this process faster

You should hire a experienced VA disability lawyer to assist you gather the documentation required to bolster your disability claim and to complete your application correctly if you want it to be reviewed as soon as possible. In order to confirm that the VA is considering your claim and to give them the information they require to accept it, he can also follow up with them.

VA disability claim process

  • As soon as the VA receives a claim, the procedure starts. If you file online, after submitting the VA disability claim form, a confirmation message will be there. Now, the status of your claim is “pending review.” The purpose of the VA’s initial assessment is to make sure the paperwork are filled out correctly and to determine whether any more documentation is needed. The case advances to the next phase if the assertion and the accompanying documentation are in order.
  • The evidence gathering, review, and decision constitute the next step in the claims process. Expect the VA to request proof from you during this phase, as well as from any pertinent medical professionals or other governmental organizations (such Social Security or the Department of Defense). A decision is taken when the evidence has been gathered. At this point, certain claims may recur for a time as further data is gathered and needed.
  • While the VA prepares to mail you a claim determination packet, your VA disability claim status is changed to “preparing for notification.” Upon mailing the package, the claim status changes to claim complete. While you wait for your packet to arrive, you won’t be notified of the VA’s decision for seven to ten business days.

Steps for your VA disability claim status track

Online tracking is available for your claim or appeal status. You will be able to check an expected completion date for the review as well as the status of your claim in the review process. For an update on VA disability claim status, you can also phone the VA hotline number at (800) 827-1000.

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