About Us

The Tower District Blog is run by two college friends, Jaxon Elias and Anita K Maan. In 2022, after visiting the Tower District in Fresno, they fell in love with the area and decided to start a blog about Tower District Fresno.

Their first blog, started in 2022, was shut down in March 2024 due to technical issues. www.towerdistrict.org is their second blog, launched in May 2024. Both Jaxon and Anita have degrees in finance and share a passion for traveling around the world.

About Jaxon Elias:-

Jaxon Elias is a writer, poet, and finance expert. He graduated from the Craig School of Business in 2014 and later completed the “Leading with Finance” course from Harvard University Online. Additionally, he has worked as a freelancer for various media houses.

About Anita K. Maan:-

Anita K. Maan is a finance expert and traveler. She graduated from the Craig School of Business in 2015. During college, she met Jaxon Elias, the founder of this blog. After college, she worked for a NGO and later joined the writing profession